About me


Integrity was a core value in our family. The modeling my parents set for me and my siblings has continued throughout my life. 

I want to help you feel the best you can and hope to develop a relationship of trust with you. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments. I am here to serve you. 

During COVID 19 We are still available to serve you. We are offering free workouts in a private FB group. I am still seeing clients through Telehealth at Cornerstone Psychological and Counseling Services LLC. I am still able to help with Juice Plus and Tower Garden products. Contact me for additional information.  

DIsclaimer: My professional code of ethics prevents me from having dual relationships. If you choose to seek counseling with me, I would need to refer you to others for health and fitness needs. In the same vein, I cannot accept a client for counseling with whom I am offering personal training or group fitness. Please contact me with any questions.